About me

Me :)¡Hi everyone!

My name is Jennifer Andres and I’m from Mexico. I’ve just started the Masters of  TESOL, I’ve been in Melbourne for almost a month now and I’m loving it. 🙂

I have a Bachelor of Arts in English which involved linguistics, translation and interpretation studies. Back home I was an EFL teacher at a public university, I taught English to nursing and tourism students in undergraduate and post-graduate programs. I also worked in a Self Access Center coaching students with low academic performance in language learning and promoting autonomous learning.

I have gained  IT skills through self-paced study and formal classes. Early last year I did a training course in ICT for teachers and learned to use  Web 2.0 tools  like podcasting, videoconferencing and social networking. We were also introduced to e-learning software platforms like Moodle and then explored a bit of free software and  I even installed Ubuntu in my laptop!!! Having said that, I’ve never used WordPress before and have started watching some tutorials 🙂

I enrolled in this unit to learn about the effective use of technology in the classroom, improve my skills and knowledge in e-learning  and be able to develop ESL and EFL online courses and materials in the future.


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